Barrial Guardrails

Falling from heights can have dramatic consequences. The best way to avoid falling is to have proper collective protection, which does not rely on persons taking individual measures.


Barrial guardrails offer collective fall-protection with an excellent price-benefit ratio. It’s a free-standing system which can be swiftly and efficiently installed. Concrete counterweights firmly maintain the guardrails in their position. All parts are made of high-quality stainless steel or aluminium, making the system resistant to adverse weather conditions. In short, Barrial guardrails offer the best protection for people working on rooftops.


Barrial guardrails can be installed to protect against the risk of falling:

  • at the roof edges
  • around gaps
  • near skylights
  • close to technical installations
  • in the vicinity of evacuation paths and gangways
  • to ensure a safe access to ladders and cage ladders


Barrial guardrails meet the requirements of EN ISO 14122-3 and EN 13374 (cat. A) and have been GS-certified by Dekra.


Barrial guardrails have either straight posts (standard), or any of the five optional types of posts:


  • curved
  • angled 15°
  • angled 30°
  • angled 45°
  • foldable


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